5 Tips To Getting Pregnant Fast And Easy ?

Starting a family can be a very exciting prospect. You may feel that you are destined to be a mother and you want to get pregnant as fast as possible. However, when you want to know how to get pregnant fast you may need some advice about timing, positioning, techniques, and more.

You can accomplish the family of your dreams and fulfill your lifelong wish to become a parent by taking a few suggestions into mind as you prepare to conceive your future children.

When it comes to getting pregnant fast, timing is everything. You only have a narrow window of time available to you each month to conceive. In fact, after your ovary releases an egg, you have 24 hours to get pregnant before the opportunity for motherhood is lost altogether.

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With that, it is important that you time your efforts accordingly so you can get pregnant as quick as possible. If you have a perfect 28-day cycle, this timing will be easy to plan ahead. If your cycles are less than regular, you can still plan ahead by taking your past three or four periods into consideration and averaging the amount of time between each cycle.

If you have a regular cycle, you will most likely ovulate two weeks after the first day of your last period. You could also ovulate a few days before this midpoint or a few days after this date as well. As such, you should plan to have intercourse anywhere from Day 11 to Day 16 after the first day of your last period.

If you have sex during this time frame, you very well could conceive. If your periods are not regular, you should consider the average span of time between the start of one and the start of the next one the month afterward. If your cycles average around 32 days, for example, you should have intercourse on Day 16 after the first day of your last period. It can be more difficult for women with irregular cycles to conceive.

Nonetheless, keeping track of your periods for a few months can help you understand your cycles better and also identify the date when you are most likely to get pregnant fast.

5 Tips For Getting Pregnant

When you want to get pregnant as quickly as possible, you need to keep some basic strategies in mind. Along with knowing when you most likely will ovulate, you should also take care of your body to make it more conducive to becoming pregnant.

The first tip for getting pregnant fast calls for you to begin taking prenatal vitamins as soon as you decide to conceive. Prenatal vitamins will give your body nutrients like folate and iron, which could help prevent complications like miscarriage and congenital defects.

Second, you should lose weight if you are overweight and perhaps not ready to add more weight through a pregnancy. Studies have shown that heavier expectant mothers suffer more health complications like diabetes and kidney failure because of conception and pregnancy.

Third, when you want to get pregnant fast you should stop taking any form of birth control that could prevent pregnancy. This tip should be obvious to many. However, some women fail to realize that even their low-dose birth control that they use to clear up acne or regulate their periods could also stop them from getting pregnant anytime soon.

Fourth, getting pregnant quickly requires that you also stop taking any medications that could impede conceiving. Medications that contain hormones, such as those that you might take for thyroid disease or seizures, could prevent you from conceiving because they alter the hormone levels in your body.

Finally, when you want to get pregnant as quickly as possible, you should check with your doctor to make sure that you are in optimal health for pregnancy. For example, before you take yourself off any medications, you should check with your physician to make sure this step is safe. You may need hormonal medications right now but could possibly wean yourself off them later to get pregnant in the future.

Your doctor can also evaluate you for any fertility issues that you or your partner could have, especially if you have been trying to conceive for awhile. Despite many people being fortunate and getting pregnant on their first try, others have to consult with doctors to check their fertility levels.

This final step should be used as a cautionary measure if you want to get pregnant quickly, but avoid pitfalls that could lie in wait because of your general health.

Best Sex Positions For Getting Pregnant Fast

Positions For Getting Pregnant Fast

How To Get Pregnant Fast ?

Of course, getting pregnant quickly requires a certain amount of skill that people may fail to attach to actual sexual positions. In fact, some sex positions may help you conceive better than others. As with any physical capability, gravity plays a vital role in conception.

When you want to get pregnant as quickly as possible, you should think of those positions that allow for the greatest amount of gravity, as well as the shortest traveling distance for sperm in your body.

Positions that require that you be vertical, for example, may be less than ideal because the sperm will have to travel against gravity to reach your fallopian tubes. Instead, the missionary position may work best because you are already lying down, which allows gravity to help sperm travel to their necessary destination to conceive.

The rear position, which some people call “doggy style” can also shorten the distance sperm must travel. They are in fact traveling at a downward angle, which works best with gravity and could increase your chances of conceiving.

Ultimately, science attaches less importance to positioning when it comes to conceiving than it does timing. Your egg only has 24 hours to live in your body. Sperm can live in your body for up to five days, however.

As such, you should time your sexual intercourse so that the sperm and egg meet when they are both viable and healthy.

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