55 Days Late And Negative Pregnancy Test?

When it’s time to take a pregnancy test to see whether or not your life is about to change, most women simply cannot wait until their period fails to arrive before they begin testing. The excitement is oftentimes too much for women hoping to become pregnant. Fortunately for those women there are pregnancy tests that are sensitive enough to detect pregnancy prior to the date you miss your period. Some tests are so sensitive that they can detect pregnancy as many as six days prior to your missed period. Of course, if your body doesn’t produce the pregnancy hormone at a rapid rate, or if you miscalculated your ovulation date, or if you are not pregnant, those tests will not work six days early. You might have to wait a few extra days.

However, pregnancy tests manufacturers guarantee that their results are 99 percent positive on the first day of your missed period. If you still don’t receive a positive result and your period does not arrive, you might still think you’re pregnant. However, if your period is significantly late, you might have other issues to deal with. Being 55 days late might be indicative of other health problems unrelated to pregnancy. By this time, the level of hCG in your urine should be more than high enough to detect on a pregnancy test. However, if you’re still receiving a negative pregnancy test result 55 days later, you’re going to want to call and speak to your doctor.

Some possible reasons you might not have you period after 55 days might include too much stress in your life. If you’ve been under significant stress, your body will react to it and might cause you to skip your period. Another reason could be early menopause, depending on your age. You might also miss your period because you are suffering from more serious health issues that your doctor will need to diagnose and treat immediately. Don’t wait any longer to call your doctor for an appointment.

Period 4 Days Late and Negative Pregnancy Test

pregnancy test on the day you miss your period is an exciting day. It’s not here, so you just know you’re pregnant. You take that test and you get a big fat negative result. It’s not what you expected and it’s certainly not what you wanted. However, it’s what you got. Don’t panic yet, however, because you might be able to test again tomorrow for a positive result is what you repeat to yourself over and over. Four days later you’re still receiving a negative pregnancy test, but your period has not yet arrived. Could you be pregnant or not? It’s a difficult situation in which to find yourself, but it does happen.

It’s imperative that you understand that while pregnancy tests boast an accuracy rating of 99 percent on the day of your missed period, this is not always the case. There is always that one percent. What might happen is that your body simply does not produce enough hCG quickly enough to show a positive result at this point. You may very well still be pregnant. One reason your body doesn’t have enough hCG to detect at this point is that you miscalculated your ovulation date when you were trying to conceive. If you were off by even just a day or two, you could be more newly pregnant than you thought.

try again testing for pregnancy each morning. Even though pregnancy tests practically guarantee a positive result on the day of your missed period, most medical professionals argue that it’s more likely accurate to wait a week after your missed period to test for pregnancy. This is because your body has ample time to produce the pregnancy hormone at levels a pregnancy test can detect.

9 Days Late and Negative Pregnancy Test

55 Days Late And Negative Pregnancy Test

55 Days Late And Negative Pregnancy Test

Nine days is a long time to wait without knowing whether or not you are pregnant. However, it happens more often than you might think. Some women have questionable ovulation cycles, which leave them thinking they are fertile on a date that is inaccurate. If you don’t have a standard 28 day cycle, you might not really know for sure when it’s time for you to ovulate, which could have an effect on the date your period should arrive. You might think it was supposed to arrive nine days ago, but it might not have been set to arrive until now.

If you’re still receiving a negative pregnancy test nine days after your period failed to arrive, call your doctor. You might be pregnant. If you’re not pregnant, however, your doctor will still want to run some tests to see what’s causing your body not to respond to your period. It could be that you have a lot of stress in your life that’s having an effect on your health. You could be suffering from a more serious type of health issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. There could be a number of factors that are causing you to miss your period.

Another very common factor is that you just got off of birth control to try to have a baby. If you’re on birth control and expect your period to arrive on a certain date, you could be mistaken. For some women, it can take as long as three months for your body to get back to normal and to get back on schedule. For this reason, you might count your pills and assume that your period would arrive on a specific day only to realize later that your body was still responding to the birth control.

The best thing you can do is contact your doctor. He or she can give you a much better scope as to why your period was supposed to arrive nine days, why it hasn’t, and why you’re not pregnant. He or she can also perform a blood test that will check for pregnancy. A blood test is more reliable than a home pregnancy test because it cannot miss hCG in your blood. It can also give you a general idea of how far along you are in your pregnancy, making it easier for you to determine the due date of your new baby or babies, if you’re having more than one.

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