About NPT

Negative Pregnancy Test is where you will find leading information regarding pregnancy tests, pregnancy hormones, and all the information you want to know about becoming pregnant. This site is designed to walk you through the early stages of conception. The information here is current, it is accurate, and it is designed for women just like you. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to understand the next step in verifying your pregnancy. Whether you received a negative result on a pregnancy test, or you just want to know which test is the one women recommend most, learning more about us will help.

What You Will Find

On Negative Pregnancy Test, you will find everything from pregnancy test reviews to which test is the most sensitive, to reasons your own pregnancy test might have been negative. Did you know that it’s not uncommon to have a false negative result on a pregnancy test? There are many reasons why this could happen, such as testing too early, not testing correctly, or even using a broken test. You will learn about the many different things that could cause your test to provide a negative result, even if you are pregnant.

Information You Need to Know

On our site, you will find in-depth information regarding pregnancy. This information will help you understand where you are in the process right now and what you can expect. If you are trying to conceive and want to know all about conception, our information about ovulation will help you learn when is the best time for you to conceive as well as the misconceptions many women have about ovulation. For example, many women think that they ovulate on a certain day every month. In reality, the date that you ovulate is different for everyone. If you don’t know this, you might not have any luck getting pregnant. Perhaps you are worried about fertility issues when the real problem is that you simply didn’t know enough about ovulation.


Our information will help you find resources to assist you before and during your pregnancy. From ovulation trackers to kits that will help you increase your chances of becoming pregnant, we have everything. Here you will learn where to pick up the best pregnancy test, how to make your own pregnancy test for fun, and where to find the best information about conception. Our pregnancy test calculator will let you input your personal information, and it will provide you with a due date for your baby based on the information you provide. It will also help you determine when is the best time to schedule intercourse so that you can get pregnant this month.

Negative Pregnancy Test has one goal, and that goal is to help you find the resources, information, and help you need when trying to become pregnant. If you are worried that your pregnancy test was negative and you feel that it is wrong, you will find helpful information on our site. If you aren’t sure whether or not to use an ovulation test to increase your chances of becoming pregnant, we have all the information you need. We are here to help you navigate this sometimes stressful, scary, and exciting time in your life.