Answer Pregnancy Test – The Test That Is Used In Doctor’s Offices

Tests are designed to detect the pregnancy hormone in your urine. This pregnancy hormone is called human chorionic gondotropin. It is also known as hCG. When you become pregnant, your body produces hCG. The Answer Pregnancy test is just like any other pregnancy test available to the general public.
You use it to test your urine for hCG and if the levels of hCG in your body are high enough to detect, the test will tell you that you are pregnant.

Answer Pregnancy Test

Answer Pregnancy Test

How Does the Answer Pregnancy Test Work?

The Answer test works like other pregnancy tests to detect the pregnancy hormone, but it works a little differently. This is the test that is used in doctor’s offices to detect pregnancy. Instead of urinating on a stick, which is a little unsanitary, you fill a cup with urine and use that urine to detect hCG. You dip the strip into your urine for five seconds.
The best part is that your Answer test comes with a plastic cup of its own, so you don’t have to search your kitchen for one or use a drinking glass in case you can’t find a plastic cup. Once you hold the strip in your urine for the allotted five seconds, lay it down on the counter and wait two minutes before you read the results.

Reading the results on the pregnancy test is very simple. If you see one line, you are not pregnant. If you see two lines, you are pregnant. If you see zero lines, your test is broken and you should retest with a new test. It is important to note that the lines on the test might not be very bold in color. They may be very faint, but as long as you can see any lines at all, you are pregnant.

How to Read Answer Pregnancy Test Strips

The Answer pregnancy test is receptive enough to alert you to the pregnancy hormone in your urine as many as four days before the date that you expect your period to arrive. However, you need to know that a negative result at this point is not indicative of your potential pregnancy.
Depending on the date you ovulated and the length of time it took your egg to reach your uterus and implant, as well as the rate in which your own body produces hCG, you might be pregnant. Your body simply hasn’t produced enough of the pregnancy hormone yet.
There is a 69 percent accuracy rate when this test is used four days before the day you expect your period. That number jumps to 83 percent when you wait until three days before your missed period to test. When you wait until two days before your missed period to test, the accuracy rate jumps to 93 percent.
The accuracy rate of the test the day of your missed period is 97 percent. This is a little less accurate than some of the other tests on the market.

Answer Pregnancy Test Review

Women like the Answer test, but it is not the best test on the market in terms of accuracy and dependability. While it is easy to use, it is not very sensitive. Many tests that allow you to test early can detect hCG levels as low as 25 mIU/ml, but the Answer test can only detect hCG levels of 100 mIU/ml or more. Since it takes your body approximately 2 to 3 days to double your hCG levels, chances of a positive result before your missed period are not as good as with other pregnancy tests.
However, it is easy to use, eliminates the need to urinate on a stick, and it is affordable.The Answer pregnancy test is a good option for you if you do not want to test early.

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