What Is The Best Pregnancy Pillow?

Watching your body expand and grow during your nine months of pregnancy can be a joyous experience. You may marvel at the miraculous changes your body undergoes as your baby gets bigger. However, your growing baby and belly can cause you to experience discomfort when you are trying to lie down at night to sleep.

Pregnancy brings with it a host of aches, pains, and twinges for which no remedy can be found by propping yourself up with regular bed pillows.

When you want to sleep well at night and stay comfortable for longer, you may do well to invest in a pregnancy pillow.

Super Comfortable U Shaped Body Pillow For Pregnant Mothers

Super Comfortable U Shaped Body Pillow For stomach sleepers Pregnants

The best pregnancy pillow for stomach sleepers

Pregnancy pillows are designed to give your body and growing stomach support and protection. You may well know that you cannot roll over onto your stomach to sleep as you may be unable to sleep on your back because of your stomach’s weight.

You may have to sleep on one of your sides, which itself can be an uncomfortable position because of how heavy your stomach is. As your stomach droops to the bed’s surface, dragging your ribs and lungs with it, you find that you are unable to breath deeply.

Fortunately, pillows designed for expectant moms give your stomach the support it needs to ease your muscle strain and allow you to breathe better. It also takes the weight of your stomach off your back and sides so you find relief from the muscle strain and fatigue that comes with pregnancy. Many of these pillows are additionally designed to support other parts of your body, like your knees, neck, and head.

You can tuck one of these pillows alongside or behind you and find a comfortable position to sleep in for the night. You will breathe better a night without having to toss and turn to find a more comfortable position.

The Boppy Pregnancy Pillow

The Boppy pregnancy pillow is very popular with expectant mothers because of its unique three-dimensional shape. It bends and curves in an S-form so that it supports your knees, back, stomach, neck, and head all at the same time.

Boppy pillows have long been used as breastfeeding support pillows. Smaller versions also come in wedge shape that can support newborns as they sleep in their cribs or bassinets. Because it is a trusted baby product brand, Boppy is now well recognized for its line of pregnancy pillows.

Many women prefer this pillow because it offers them the support they need to get a good night’s rest.

Another advantage that comes with this brand of pillow involves its hypoallergenic qualities. Many pregnant women develop skin sensitivities and allergies because of the changing hormones in their bodies.

They find that they cannot be around common synthetic products. This brand of pillow, however, is made from hypoallergenic material that is safe for pregnant women to use. They can sleep comfortably knowing that they will not develop a rash or experience allergy symptoms like difficulty breathing or itchy eyes.

Finally, this pillow comes in handy after delivery as well. When you come home from the hospital with your newborn, you may have stitches and be sore from the delivery. Despite these physical pains, you still will want to breastfeed your baby.

The pillow can be used to take the stress of your body and allow you nurse in bed at the same time. You can also contour one part of the pillow around your stomach and prop your baby up on the pillow to nurse. You will appreciate this comfort if you have stitches in your stomach from a C-section or if you are sore from back labor.

Your pillow truly could be one of the best investments you made during your pregnancy because of its ability to be used during and after you deliver.

The Best Body Pregnancy Pillow

best pregnancy pillow for new mother 2019

Best pregnancy pillow for new mother in 2019

When it comes to choosing the best pregnancy pillow, you may be advised to keep several factors in mind. A variety of these pillows is now available to expectant moms.

They all have their own unique features and benefits. However, you want to select one that will come in handy during your pregnancy and give you the comfort you need to stay happy and well. As such, these factors should be foremost in your mind as you shop.

As noted, you want a pillow that is hypoallergenic. Even if you do not have allergies now, you could develop them later in your pregnancy. A pillow made from hypoallergenic material will be clearly labeled as such.

Second, you want to choose a pillow that has the right kind of filling for your physical needs. Some pillows have microfiber stuffing. Others have microbeads made out of Styrofoam. Other varieties have stuffing made out of wool or cotton.All of these choices allow the pillows to be soft and pliable. However, you should consider which one is best for you before you bring the pillow home.

Microbeads, for example, can be a choking hazard if your cat or dog rips the pillow open and swallows the stuffing. Likewise, microfiber and cotton can be messy if your pillow’s hemming comes undone and the stuffing spills out.

You may be allergic to wool used in other pillow brands. These considerations should come to mind as you consider what pillow to buy.

You can ensure that your pillow stays intact and the stuffing stays in place when you choose a brand of pillow that is known for its quality. These pillows appear in all varieties, from very cheaply made to luxurious. The cheaply made ones have affordable price tags.However, the corners may rip or the hems may come undone, allowing the stuffing to go everywhere.

Likewise, you may be unable to afford the higher priced ones. As such, you should choose one that is within your budget, but still gives you the quality you need. You can protect your pillow by covering it with a case and making sure that pets and kids stay away from it.

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