Can A Pregnancy Test Be Wrong If Taken Too Early?

Whether you are trying to get pregnant or hoping you are not pregnant, the results of your home pregnancy test might upset you. Can a pregnancy test be wrong? Pregnancy tests can be wrong. While it’s much more common for a pregnancy test to exhibit a false negative, there are very few occasions when a test will exhibit a false positive. If you find yourself questioning the validity of your results, knowing what factors could affect your pregnancy test result can help to ease your mind.

If you are standing over a negative pregnancy test result and wondering, “Can a pregnancy test be wrong?” you are not alone. Many women who take a pregnancy test earlier than the first day of their missed period will not receive the result they want. If you are one of them, rest assured that testing too early is one of the most common reasons behind incorrect pregnancy test readings.

Technically, however, the test is not wrong. A positive result depends entirely on your pregnancy. Once you ovulate and your egg is fertilized, it could take a week or so to reach your uterus and implant into the wall. It could take another several days for your body to start producing detectable amounts of the pregnancy hormone hCG.

While some women believe that they know when they ovulate and feel that their test should be positive at a certain point, they could be wrong. Ovulation can change. If you ovulate even just a day later than you thought, your hCG levels might not be high enough for your test to detect when you test early.

Broken and Improperly Used Pregnancy Tests

Sometimes pregnancy tests are just broken. If you take a test with two displays, the second display should always have one line in it, regardless of the results of the test. If the second display on your test does not have a line in it after you use it, the test is not working. That’s why that line is there. Additionally, if you take a digital pregnancy test and any symbol other than a timer or the words pregnant or not pregnant appear, it is not working. You cannot trust the results of a test that is not working properly. You should take a new test.

Additionally, many women do not properly use pregnancy tests. This can affect the results of the test, making them appear incorrectly on the screen. You might be pregnant even if it says you are not. Your job is to read the instructions on the test with the utmost care.

You need to follow every portion with precision or your results could be skewed. Not following the instructions could negatively affect your test results by altering the information that your urine is providing the test.

You Used The Wrong Urine When Testing

It is vital that you use your very first urine of the morning when taking a home pregnancy test. Throughout the day, everything you consume dilutes your urine and makes it difficult for pregnancy tests to detect the pregnancy hormone in your body. If you cannot use your first morning urine the day you want to test, you should wait until the following day for more accurate results.

Checking the results too soon is another common mistake many women make. You might not think you are pregnant if you don’t see a positive sign on a test but if you don’t wait the full two or three minutes the instructions tell you to wait, you might miss the real result.

Can A Pregnancy Test Be Wrong When It’s Positive?

It is very rare for a woman to experience a false positive on a pregnancy test. However, it does happen. If you are using fertility drugs and test, you could get a false positive. If you were pregnant but lost the baby very soon after your fertilized egg implanted, you could get a false result. Furthermore, menopause and an ectopic pregnancy can both provide you with a false positive on a home pregnancy test.

While pregnancy tests state that they are 99 percent accurate when used the day of your missed period, most medical professionals disagree. They recommend waiting a full week after your missed period for the most accurate results on a home pregnancy test. However, if you miss a period and your test still does not show a positive result, call your doctor.

You might be suffering from a medical issue that needs attention. False pregnancy tests happen, but you won’t know for sure until you see your doctor. Don’t spend your days asking, “Can a pregnancy test be wrong?” Ask your doctor.

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