Faint Line on Pregnancy Test

pregnancy test is done to confirm the presence or the absence of pregnancy. Sometimes the test result may be a faint line on pregnancy test. Such a result may be confusing especially if you carried out the test at home or the test has been done by an inexperienced laboratory technician. The test result will also depend on the sensitivity of the particular test kit. The test kits are manufactured by different companies and may have varying sensitivity levels.

For example a test kit with a sensitivity of 50 IU/L (international units per liter) is more sensitive than that with a sensitivity of 20 IU/L.
For one to achieve the best results there is need to:
Follow correctly the instructions on the package of the pregnancy test kit.
Ensure that you immerse the test strip in the urine for the required time.

Also make sure that the collected urine is fresh (that is within 15 minutes after collecting the urine).
A Positive Pregnancy Test result should have both the control line and the test line showing color development. That is to say that for a positive result you will observe two lines that will be visible after the specified time.
If you take more time than the specified, you may get a faint line developing in the test strip.

And what about Llight Positive Pregnancy Test ?

It is advisable to carry out the test using urine that one urinates the moment they wake up. The reason been that, this urine is usually more concentrated and will contain higher amounts of the hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone and the posibilty of getting a false result is minimized.

One may get a faint line on pregnancy test if the carry out the test too early in the pregnancy. At least you should carry out the test 2 week after you have ovulated. If you carry out the test before 2 weeks are over the hormone hCG may not be in sufficient amounts thus the development of a faint line in the test strip.
Whether the test result is faint or well colored this is an indication that it is a positive result if the test was carried out as per the directions of the manufacturer.

There are some instances when you can get false positive results. These includes:
When the collected urine sample contains traces of blood or proteins
If you are using a test strip that is expired
If you are using some medicines that contain hCG,the hormone detected in urine if a woman is pregnant.An example of such a drug is promethazine.You may get a false positve result if you have a chemical pregnancy.
This is a state in which a fertilized ovum is implanted in the uterus, then it triggers the production of hCG, but soon after a miscarriage occurs. In this case you will get a positive result but in real sense you are not pregnant.

If you are in doubt you need to carry out a repeat test in a hospital. You can a blood sample especially in early pregnancy.

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