Is Miley Cyrus Pregnant?

Miley Cyrus is constantly in the news. The press reports about her every move and every antic, whether it is related to her career or not. Of course, she is well accustomed to being in the limelight for a variety of reasons, having started her career at the age of 11 when she tried out for and got the lead character role in Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana. Playing the title character, she grew up in the public’s eyes, endearing herself to millions of fans before the show ended in 2011. Born Destiny Hope Cyrus, Miley developed a strong talent for both acting and singing by the time she reached teenagehood. By the time her Disney show came to an end she was desperate to break free from her squeaky clean image and soon developed a persona centered on rebelliousness, deviance, and sexual ambiguity.

Her efforts to symbolically kill off her Hannah Montana reputation by all accounts was successful and helped garner her a new fan base comprised of teens and early twenty-somethings. Her act took on a new level of sexual deviance, which she openly displayed at major venues like the VMA awards when she infamously twerked with singer Robin Thicke. She also continues to dress provocatively and pull faces at her audience, sticking her tongue out as she writhes on the stage and against her backup dancers. Given her new level of sexual openness, it has brought to many people’s minds whether or not Miley Cyrus could ever become pregnant.

In fact, the question of whether or not she was pregnant came to a head in April 2015 when Life & Style magazine trumpeted on its cover that she was expecting a child with Justin Beiber, the Canadian pop star. Incidentally, the magazine reported at the same time that singer Selena Gomez also was expecting Beiber’s baby as well. Cyrus’ publicists quickly shot down the story, insisting that Beiber and Cyrus rarely ran in the same social or professional circles. To date, Miley Cyrus pregnant has never been a legitimate headline, and she continues to forge her career as an adult singer and film star.

Is Miley Cyrus Really Pregnant?

Another reason that her publicists give for Miley Cyrus not being pregnant, at least not now, is the fact that she recently entered a same sex relationship with Stella Maxwell, who is a Victoria’s Secret model. At first, the press speculated that this surprise relationship was a ploy for Cyrus to remain in the spotlight. A significant amount of time had passed since she last made headlines. However, Cyrus and her team insist that the relationship is genuine and that Cyrus and Maxwell are a legitimate couple. The paparazzi has photographed them together in embraces and kissing numerous times since the announcement of their relationship in June 2015.

Given that they both are so young, with each of them being 26, it is highly unlikely that either of them have entertained the idea of having a family together. Neither seem inclined by all accounts of being artificially inseminated or having a child. They are just beginning in their relationship with each other and have stated that, despite knowing each other for years, that they are focusing on building a steady relationship with each other right now. Having a child would throw them off their desired track for stabilizing their connection with each other and their prospective careers.

Cyrus has gone on record as saying that her parents are having a difficult time with her bisexuality and accepting her new lifestyle. Her parents are conservative Baptists and are not as welcoming toward same sex relationships as others. The fact that she has little family support right now has compelled her to focus on establishing her life as an independent adult singer and entertainer. She has stated that while she may want kids in the future that the timing right now is not ideal for her or her girlfriend Stella Maxwell.

Is Miley Cyrus Pregnant ?

Is Miley Cyrus Pregnant ?

Has Miley Cyrus Ever Been Pregnant?

Despite her saying that she does not want kids right now, the question of whether Miley Cyrus pregnant or not lingers in many people’s minds. She has never before come out to say that she has been pregnant. In fact, no one really has asked her, even Life & Style magazine which printed the headline of Miley Cyrus pregnant back in April 2015. Nonetheless, if she has ever been pregnant, it was not news that she wanted to share with her fans.

In truth, many celebrities accidentally get pregnant and go on to have either miscarriages or abortions. Abortions are quite common in Hollywood, in fact, as industry insiders have revealed in many print interviews. Cyrus herself is only 26 years old, in some people’s minds too young to be a mother. It is quite possible that any pregnancy she may have had did not come to fruition because of her youth. Another common tactic that is popular in Hollywood involves keeping young female celebrities on birth control. It is possible that Cyrus takes birth control pills to keep her fertility in check until she is ready to have a baby with a stable partner. At any rate, this information is considered to be by many sensitive in nature and something that Cyrus should keep to herself until she is ready to share it with the public. Despite her being a celebrity, she is still entitled to privacy when it comes to her desire to have a family.

Given the fact that her adult career is not quite as lucrative as the one she enjoyed as a pre-teen and teenager, it is possible that Cyrus will not have a child until she has reached a level of professional success that she desires. She can no longer rely on her Hannah Montana persona to make money because she has effectively killed that part of her past success with her new adult persona. Having a child right now may interfere with her career pursuits.

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