Light Positive Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy test is a test that can determine whether a woman is pregnant or not. A pregnancy test measures a hormone in the body called human chorionic gonadotropin or (hCG).
HCG is a hormone produced during pregnancy. It appears in the blood and urine of a pregnant woman as early as ten days after conception. It has markers that indicate pregnancy by detecting a certain hormone in the urine or blood. This marker is sometimes faint or blur which a lot of people is asking if it is a positive result of a pregnancy test.

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Light line on pregnancy test

Light positive pregnancy test could come in a blur line or even a super faint line that the only way you can see it is in bright light which means that the hormone is present and absolutely it is a positive pregnancy test result. But to clarify with this result you may have another test using the collection of EMU (Early morning urine).

Usually according to the test, if it is a light positive pregnancy test result you are advice in retesting in a day or two. If you are pregnant your urine HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin will increase and give a better testing, if not can be sure you are not with the repeat test.

The hormones in pregnancy increase dramatically in the early weeks so it is best advised that you do next pregnancy test using a small collection of EMU (Early morning urine) as it contains the highest amount of pregnancy hormone during the day.

Light positive pregnancy test result sometimes caused by improper testing. Upon taking a home pregnancy test, it is very important to read the directions before testing.

Your home pregnancy test instruction will specify when test results should be interpreted and when test results are no longer valid. Some test will produce a faint or light positive pregnancy test result if read after the instructed time. You should be very particular with the time, thus use clock or a watch and record the time you perform the test and read results at the instructed time.

How Long To Get A Positive Pregnancy Test?

Guessing how long it has been since performing the test can lead to false results. Three minutes can seem like twenty minutes and vice versa when you are anxiously waiting to find out if you are expecting. Home pregnancy tests should always be read at the instructed time for accurate results.

Causes of this light positive pregnancy test happen only if there are few inaccuracies due to errors in application or failure to follow instructions upon using pregnancy test. Besides, various factors like health, nutrition, fertility medication, emotional state or the dilution of urine sample can influence the pregnancy test results.

However, if you receive a light positive pregnancy test result from a home pregnancy test it is important to follow up with your doctor for medical care. Your doctor can use a more accurate test along with a pelvic exam to tell for sure if you are pregnant.

Seeing your doctor earlier in your pregnancy will help you and your baby safe and healthy.

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