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The sensitivity of a pregnancy test matters more than almost any other aspect of the test. Many women are willing to pay whatever it costs to find out as early as possible if she is expecting a baby. Pregnancy tests are most accurate when they are used one week after you miss your period. However, if you use the test the day of your missed period, you have a good chance at an accurate result. This leaves many women wondering what it means when a test is sensitive, how sensitive it needs to be, and which one is the most sensitive of all.

How Does Sensitivity Work?

Sensitivity is important because it is what determines the amount of the pregnancy hormone hCG is in your urine. This pregnancy hormone comes in many different levels. Anything over 5 mIU/ml is considered pregnant. However, most tests do not pick up that small amount of hCG. Standard pregnancy tests are designed to detect hCG when it reaches levels of around 20 to 25 mIU/ml. Since it takes approximately 48 to 72 hours for hCG levels to double, many of these tests do not work right away to detect pregnancy.

When Do The Pregnancy Hormones Show Up?

This is the part that confuses many women. The pregnancy hormone does not appear the second that your egg is fertilized. In fact, it doesn’t even appear a few days later. It takes your fertilized egg approximately one week to make its way through your fallopian tubes and into your uterus. Once it is inside your uterus, the egg implants onto the wall of your uterus. Once it implants, it begins to produce hCG. However, it can take days for the hCG to reach a level that is detectable by an at-home pregnancy test. Remember, 5 mIU/ml is considered the lowest number for pregnancy, and it takes hCG two to three days to double. If your egg implants on a Monday and your hCG level is 1 mIU/ml on Monday, it won’t reach 2 mIU/ml until either Wednesday or Thursday, which means it won’t reach 4 mIU/ml until Sunday or Monday. Now you’re a week past implantation and you still don’t have hCG levels high enough to detect on even the most sensitive pregnancy test.

First Response Pregnancy Test
First Response Pregnancy Test

Which Test is the Most Sensitive Pregnancy Test?

Medical professionals and pregnant women have done a lot of research on this subject. Right now, the most sensitive pregnancy test on the market is the First Response Digital Pregnancy Test. It can detect the hCG levels in your body as many as six days early. Studies confirm that this test can detect hCG levels when they are as low as 6.5 mIU/ml. Of course, whether or not you will get a positive result six days early depends entirely on when you ovulated, how long it took your egg to reach and implant in your uterus, and how fast your body produces hCG.

How Does the First Response Pregnancy Test Work?

When you take the First Response test, you are going to get a more accurate result earlier than any other test. However, a negative result six days early is not necessarily a bad thing. You might be pregnant, you just took the test too early. Before you take the test, be sure to read the instructions. This test is like any other. However, if you do not hold the absorbent tip of the First Response test in your urine long enough, it might not register accurate results.

Once you’ve taken the test and waited the amount of time you were instructed in the package, you can look at the test. If you are pregnant, you will see the world pregnant in the digital display. If you are not pregnant, you will see the words not pregnant in the digital display. If you do not see anything, your test is broken and you need to try another test.

Many at-home pregnancy tests are sensitive enough to detect your pregnancy long before your missed period. However, the First Response at-home pregnancy test is the only one that can detect the hCG in your body at levels as low as 6.5 mIU/ml. It is also the only test that works six days early. Other tests work as early as five days, but they don’t detect hCG levels this low. The First Response digital test is the most sensitive pregnancy test.

The First Response pregnancy test is 99 percent accurate, but only if you use it the day you miss your period. Before that, the accuracy is lower. Six days before your missed period it is approximately 50 percent, but it gets higher each day after that.

Most Sensitive Pregnancy Tests Reviews

1) First Response Pregnancy Test

The most sensitive digital pregnancy test is the Gold digital pregnancy test of First Response.

It can detect pregnancy test six days earlier than the missed period. This makes it the most sensitive pregnancy test.

The digital First Response Pregnancy Test displays the results digitally instead of lines. The sensitivity of the test is around 6.5 mIU/mL.

First Response Pregnancy Test allows the user the comfort of midstream testing. You need to expose the hCG strip of the pregnancy test in urine stream. After about a minute or more you can see the results appear.

First Response Early Pregnancy Test is the most sensitive pregnancy test. It has a cap along to cover the hCG strip during developing of test results.

2) Clearblue Pregnancy Test

Clearblue pregnancy test is the most sensitive early pregnancy test. It can detect pregnancy as early as five days before missed period. This means that it a very sensitive for the slightest rise in hCG levels.

3) New Choice Pregnancy Test

New choice pregnancy test can detect pregnancy early. They are cheap and sensitive pregnancy test. Which pregnancy test is most sensitive? The answer to this may not generally be New Choice Pregnancy Test. But when you consider duplicating pregnancy tests, they are more accurate. Repeating the pregnancy test makes it more accurate due to less error percentage.

4) EPT Pregnancy Test

If you want a sensitive pregnancy test that is cheap, then you can get an EPT pregnancy test. EPT pregnancy test is like a low priced version of expensive pregnancy tests.

5) Wondfo Pregnancy Test

Wondfo pregnancy test strips are one of the most sensitive pregnancy test strips. You can take the dip strip pregnancy test using the Wondfo pregnancy test.

A sensitive pregnancy test also depends upon how well you use it. The sensitivity of pregnancy test dramatically affects by contamination.

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  1. 15 days late and cycle Day 44 and negative tests on all but clearblue and I’m not even trusting that cause of the blue dye. But I’m always cramping off and on. I dont know what to do anymore.

    • Hi,

      I know you posted this in May, I was wondering if you were pregnant in the end?

      I’m experiencing the same thing, I wasn’t sure if i should be worried as I want to be pregnant and have been actively trying. My period is 10 days late now, with cramping on and off but no sign on a pregnancy test.


  2. Hi.
    I am 5 day’s late and I just took Equate One-Step Pregnancy Test and it came back negitave. I have milky white discharge and my nippels are tender, lower back pain, vomiting, urinating alot, tiredness and mood swings. I am just really worried I am pregnant because I am going through a divorce and my soon to be ex husband is fixed and it would be my boyfriends but still worried. Please give me some advice

  3. Hi all,
    I’m just wondering if any of you ended up being pregnant?
    I’m 25 and my partner has just turned 26. We have been officially trying for a baby for roughly 2 months now. I’m going to go into a bit of detail first of all… I’ve had contraception for 5 years, from the injection to the implant. The implant messed my periods up completely to the point I was bleeding every couple of weeks… after 3 agonising years I was so relieved to finally have it out! I’ve wanted a family for a long time but I was waiting until my partner was ready too as he was in uni etc. I took the pill for only a week once it was out but had to stop because I was getting pains in my leg and didn’t want to risk getting any clots as my granddad had a one in his leg! so we proceeded to use condoms for a little while, and about 4 times we had unprotected sex. I took the morning after pill twice, never expecting I would be pregnant. Luckily about a week later fiancé decided he was ready to have a family and we started trying straight away. However, on the 1st November I took a pregnancy test just cos I had a clearblue one spare and just thought oh well.. the shock I got when it came back pregnant! I was over the moon we both were. Now unfortunately we ended up losing it a week later which absolutely killed us both but I didn’t want to not be pregnant so when the bleeding had stopped we started trying again which lasted just over a week. I’ve heard you can be more fertile after a MC so I was keeping some hope! I also took ovulation tests about 12 days ago which said I was ovulating, and we had sex almost everyday, even twice a day since to make sure! now because of the MC i’m not entirely sure when my period would be due. Of course with falling pregnant so quick last time my body was still trying to get back to normal which could have been the cause of the loss? but exactly a month ago today was when I started to bleed heavy… now the last 5-6 days I’ve been getting mild cramps, which is strange because I never cramp until I start to bleed which is why I thought straight away it felt different. My boobs have also been sore, fuller and noticeably more veiny. I’ve been feeling slightly nauseous, with heartburn that keeps coming and going and also mild aches in my back. I was really bloated a few days ago and now I’m back to normal which is odd to me too because my usual signs when I get my period is sore boobs, very bloated then I start to bleed light then when I get heavier is when my cramps begin, Bearing in mind my bloated stomach does not usually go down until a day before i’m due off my period. I took a clearblue early detection test last night, which came back as negative so can you see the confusion?? I keep reading online and it says to test again in 3 days as it could be too early or to a week depending on the HCG levels but this is actual torture not knowing and after what happened last month I am praying that I am in fact pregnant with my miracle baby! I feel full of anxiety and I know worry and stress is bad too but I can’t help it! I have wanted this for so long my mind is all over the place .


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