Positive Pregnancy Test After Miscarriage ?

A miscarriage is a devastating event for any family to deal with. The loss of a child, no matter how old or young, is heartbreaking. Unfortunately, miscarriage is more common than you think. Many women have a miscarriage so early in their pregnancy that they don’t even realize they were ever pregnant after mistaking bleeding for their period. It happens all the time. However, if you know you are pregnant and experience loss, it’s going to take some time to process and deal with. For that reason alone, you shouldn’t take a pregnancy test immediately after experiencing a miscarriage.

Positive Pregnancy Test After Miscarriage

Positive Pregnancy Test After Miscarriage

Your body produces a hormone called hCG. This is the pregnancy hormone. Once you become pregnant, your body begins to produce this hormone in your blood and urine, which is how home pregnancy tests determine that you are pregnant. If you test after your miscarriage, you might become confused because of the false positive pregnancy test result. On average, it takes approximately 19 days for the hCG levels in your urine to disappear after you miscarry. Please note that this is just an average length of time. It could be shorter if you miscarry very early, or it could be longer if you miscarry later. It’s not uncommon for it to take up to a month or a little longer for the hCG levels in your body to disappear completely.

If you decide you’d like to try again right away to have a baby, you might get your hopes up the following month if you see a positive result on your pregnancy test. If your levels are down after the miscarriage, you’re not pregnant and you might think that you are miscarrying again when you begin to bleed shortly after. If you’re going to keep trying to have a baby after you experience a miscarriage, do so. However, wait a month before you begin to try so that you give your body enough time to return to normal following this horrific event.

Pregnancy Test Positive After 24 Hours

Positive Pregnancy Test After Miscarriage

Positive Pregnancy Test After Miscarriage

If you take a home pregnancy test, the results are simply not valid 24 hours after taking it. If you take the time to read the instructions that come along with your test, you know that you need to look for results within minutes of testing and discard any results after approximately 10 minutes. There is a very valid and confusing reason for this.

When you take a pregnancy test, you are urinating onto the absorbent tip of the test. On the stick inside the test, there are chemicals that will react to the chemicals – or lack thereof – in your urine. If those chemicals detect the pregnancy hormone, they will show a positive result. If they do not, they will not show any result, which is automatically a negative pregnancy test result. After time, your urine will begin to evaporate from the pregnancy test. This might leave something called an evaporation line, which looks like a very faint positive line on a pregnancy test. This line will not appear in the 10 minutes or so following the time you take your pregnancy test, but it may begin to appear anytime after that as your urine begins to evaporate.

Many women mistake this line as a positive pregnancy test result when it is not. You are not pregnant if you see this line on your pregnancy test, but you won’t be convinced until you test again or until you see your doctor. If you wait 24 hours after taking a test to read the results, you could cause yourself some unnecessary upset. No one wants to see a line and assume that they are pregnant only to realize that it was merely an evaporation line and not a positive test result. For this reason, follow the instructions in your pregnancy test box and only look for results in the allotted time frame.

2 Months After Miscarriage Positive Pregnancy Test

Trying for another baby after a miscarriage is a scary time in a woman’s life. The idea that another miscarriage could happen is always in the back of your mind. It’s also nerve-wracking because you might not know whether or not the positive result you receive two months after your miscarriage is accurate or if it’s just a remnant of your lost pregnancy.

The answer might not be black and white, but it is a shade of gray. Depending on how far into your pregnancy you were when you miscarried, this positive pregnancy test might be a real positive or it might be hCG still in your urine from your miscarriage. If you were pretty far along in your pregnancy, you might not have given your body enough time to rid itself of the hCG that it was producing when you were pregnant. Your levels would have been fairly high, which means they would take longer to disappear.

However, if you were just a few weeks into your pregnancy when you miscarried, you might be pregnant again. Typically, it only takes 19 days to a month for your hCG levels to disappear completely and provide you with a negative pregnancy test result. However, if you are uncertain whether or not you are pregnant, it’s best to call your doctor and schedule an appointment. Your doctor might want to see you in person to perform a blood test and/or to perform an ultrasound to see what is happening within your body.

Following a miscarriage, your doctor might advise you to wait a while before deciding to become pregnant again. Even if you were only pregnant for a few weeks, he or she might advise you wait two to three months to try again. It’s up to your doctor to know your health history, which is how he or she will determine when it might be a good idea for you to continue trying to become pregnant. Call your doctor if you have any concerns over a positive pregnancy test result two months after your miscarriage.

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