Is Selena Gomez Pregnant Yes Or No?

Young celebrities today face unprecedented scrutiny about both their professional and private lives. Their every move and word are hashed out in the daily press for anyone who is interested in judging them. Further complications arise when these young stars become romantically involved with their celebrity peers. The press and the public both quickly manufacture gossip that most often proves to be untrue. Few celebrities know this targeting so well as Selena Gomez. Despite denials from her public relations team the press, the public, and even her most devoted fans routinely insist that she is pregnant.

The latest pregnancy rumor hit Gomez when a popular tabloid magazine highlighted her on its cover. It blasted the words that she was pregnant prominently so that even typically disinterested passers-by would see the magazine on the stands and read the claim that Gomez was expecting a child. While the general thought is that any press is good press when it comes to celebrity, such stories still force actors and singers to take time away from their careers to refute these claims. Gomez is no different and quickly had her team put out a statement that she was in fact not pregnant, but rather committed to furthering her career. To make matters worse, the tabloid never retracted the story, nor did it issue an apology to Gomez.

Selena Gomez Pregnant

Is Selena Gomez Pregnant ?

Despite refuting the story, the press and the paparazzi continue to scrutinize Gomez’s every move in public. They purposely take pictures of her abdomen, searching for the slightest hint of what could be a baby bump. Gomez has found, like many celebrities before her, that if she wears clothing that is too tight for her or if she places a large handbag in front of her that the tabloids will scream that she is pregnant. Many times, a celebrity’s only defense is to continue with her life and to continue with her career, showing everyone that she is not pregnant and that her primary focus centers on entertaining her fans.
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Selena Gomez Is Not Pregnant

When it comes to the question of Selena Gomez pregnant or not, the answer is a definitive no, at least for the moment. At 23 years of age, she is as dedicated as ever to furthering her career. By all accounts a veteran entertainer, she has been in the business since she was 10 years old. She has starred or co-starred in numerous TV shows, films, cartoons, and other programs. Her first acting role came in 2002 when she appeared in the children’s TV program Barney, which aired on PBS. The amount of time that she has spent in front of the camera has afforded her a finesse for entertaining the masses, as well as the wisdom to understand what happens to celebrities who make the choice to become pregnant in an irresponsible manner. She also has a solid team of professional managers and publicists surrounding her to keep such mistakes at bay.

The latest round of rumors about her being pregnant came at the expense of her relationship with a noted pop star. It is true that she and this pop star were close and dated exclusively for a period of time. However, both have moved on in their lives and no longer are romantically linked to each other. Still, the tabloids continue to play up the possibility that the two are destined to be together, even going so far as to say that she is expecting a child by him. By all accounts, these stories are intended to sell magazines, as well as place scrutiny on the young celebrity’s personal life.

Until it comes out in the press that Selena Gomez pregnant, her fans and the public alike should understand that any question of her expecting is absurd. Those individuals who wonder may be quieted when they learn that she is definitely not pregnant at this time. That is not to say that she will not have children in the future, however. If or when she becomes pregnant, her publicists will give a statement to the press.

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Pregnant

Most people know that the noted pop star with whom she was romantically involved is Justin Bieber. Bieber has his own reputation churned in the press on an almost daily basis. Reporters say he is wild and out of control while paparazzi catch him in acts of vandalism like egging his neighbor’s house. When tabloids blare out that Selena is expecting Justin’s baby, it makes for an ideal story that the public can easily buy into and one that makes them feel superior about themselves. They leave comments online about Gomez and Bieber both being irresponsible, about how any child they produce should be taken away, and that only young celebrities such as them could ever make such a grave mistake.

The truth is, however, that neither Gomez nor Bieber were ever expecting to become parents. They dated for the better part of a year, at least what is known in the press. Now, they have gone their separate ways and are reportedly seeing other people. Despite both of them making known that they are friends, the press still insists on occasion that they are still together and that they could become parents in the near future. Until one of them marries or become a parent with someone else, the tabloids arguably may not let this story rest.

Another element of damage that such stories inflict on Gomez, Bieber, and other young performers like them is the fact that these celebrities are held back by the rumors of irresponsibility and wild sexual abandon. As they try to grow up and take on more adult roles in the entertainment industry, these stories remind the public of their past mistakes and the fact that these two were once a romantic pair. It stands to reason that they would not jeopardize their careers or attempts to transcend their teen pop star statuses by getting pregnant.

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